R360 Media, Theatre, and Arts CIC provides media, theatre, and performing arts training and activities. The training and all the activities equipped our candidates with the right skills to transition into employment and further education, which could lead to different careers within the industry. Our training prepares candidates and gives them the confidence to take advantage of the available job opportunities that are right for them. Our training benefits most people, especially young people, older people, unemployed or job seekers, people looking for a change of career, and those that require employment support services. Our organisation prioritises candidates from Manchester, particularly the deprived community in Manchester.
R360 Media, Theatre, and Arts Training Centre is a leading training provider specialising in comprehensive and immersive programmes for individuals aspiring to excel in the fields of media, theatre, and the arts. We offer a diverse range of courses and workshops designed to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to succeed in their chosen creative endeavours.
At R360, we believe in the transformative power of education and its ability to shape and empower talented individuals. Our training centre is committed to providing a dynamic and supportive learning environment where students can explore their passion for media, theatre, and the arts while receiving top-notch instruction from industry professionals.


This summer, enjoy seven weeks of creative fun. While learning to dance, sing, and act, you can also make new friends. Over the course of six weeks, we will examine presenting on stage & screen.

Group - Creative Activities

Fast-changing media environments present challenges for the creative industries, but at R360 Media, Theatre and Arts, we see these changes as a series of opportunities made possible by innovation. All of the arts are encouraged to collaborate, and this, together with our extensive trainer pool, gives our students the best chance of succeeding in their fields of interest.
Summer holiday with EEC Youth
R360 Media

Media Training Venue

 No.93 Wellbeing Centre

93 Church Lane, Harpurhey, Manchester, M9 5BG

TIME: Every Tuesday from 1-3 PM

2024 Sessions: June 2024–August 2024;  October–December 2024

Theatre and Performing Arts

Venue: North City Family and Fitness Centre, Upper Conran Street, Harpurhey, Manchester M9 4DA
Days and Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 4 pm–7 pm
2024/2025 Sessions: June 2024 – June 2025
For further information: Email: training@r360mediatheatreandarts.com